It was Lorenzo Tedeschi who had the visionary intuition to vinify the grapes from the Monte Olmi vineyards separately, creating one of the first cru di Amarone, the Capitale Monte Olmi, flagship of the winery today. Currently, at the helm of the company are Bruna and Lorenzo’s three sons: Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo who manage with passion the 46 hectares of vineyards divided into four areas: La Fabriseria, between Fumane and Sant’Ambrogio, which produces the Amarone of the same name and a Valpolicella Classico Superiore; the renowned Monte Olmi, a terraced vineyard in the heart of Valpolicella Classica; the Lucchine in Pedemonte, which produces a vintage Valpolicella; the Tenuta Maternigo near Mezzane di Sotto, which produces a Valpolicella cru and other wines for the company.

Know to understand. 

This is the motto which accompanies the choices the Tedeschi family has made and continues to make in the vineyards. In the past few years the company has focused on the zoning and characterisation of the whole park of vineyards owned, all in hilly positions and planted with Corvina and Corvinone, with the presence of Rondinella and Oseleta too. Fundamental research which sets them apart in Valpolicella. The studies have highlighted different areas for layering, soil, organic matter and draining capacity. The perfect knowledge of soil and plant behaviour in each single vineyard plot has allowed the optimization of agronomic management and the implementation of increased environmental sustainability, a process that begun years ago.