The winery is in a rural court dating from the sixteenth century surrounded by meadows and the River Fibbio, in a natural park rich of many species of rare plants and where many species of animal can be found living freely. Since 2009 the company has been certified as Biodynamic by Demeter and the whole family follows a life philosophy and, therefore a productive one, of harmony with nature. The vineyards are situated on three different west facing hills (Monte del Drago, Perlar and Palazzina), with soils composed mainly of red clay and tuff they are oriented in a way that follows the movement of the sun and the course of the winds. Musella is the most southerly located winery in the Valpolicella, meaning it is usually a few degrees warmer than the average territory temperature and therefore the grapes mature earlier. The continued research for elegance is the milestone of Musella wines, the only way to express the territory with so many subtle differences like this natural oasis. Maddalena and her family pursue a single goal: make wine when the conditions are right, when the season was favourable and continue to interpret the beauty of the terroir.

An oasis of peace.

The winery is directed by Emilio Pasqua di Bisceglie founder and owner, with the help of his daughter Maddalena and nephew Enrico Raber. Musella is a microcosm where is easy to forget the passing of time. The original courtyard with its beautiful stable block, has been cleverly renovated and transformed into the winery buildings as well as prestigious accommodation.