Torre D'Orti

Thanks to the long experience matured with the Cavalchina winery, which in 1962 was the first to call the local white wine Custoza, the brothers Franco and Luciano Piona were unable to resist the charm of the Valpolicella and bought Torri d’Orti, part of the mount above the village of Marcellise, noted on geographic maps for hundreds of years. Franco and Luciano Piona decided to reconvert this extraordinary area to vines and dedicate it to the production of Valpolicella wines. For them it was a return to their origins, as their grandfather was a selector and bottler of this type of wine.

Torre d’Orti is an exact point. 

Here the red ground, typical of the Valpolicella Classica, makes space for the white calcareous cliff. This element, together with the altitude of the vineyards, means the wines produced are particularly adapted to aging, with full structure, low ph and a balance between alcohol, tannins and pulp. Careful attention to the vineyards and to yields allow the Piona family to have a healthier grape with high levels of sugar. In the cellar craftsmanship is combined with innovative technology with a clear goal: to make quality wines.