The strength of a family committed to the pursuit of excellence, united in its private and professional life.This represents the Tommasi family. With its 205 hectares, 100 in the Doc Verona and 105 in the Valpolicella Classica denomination, since 1997 the Tommasi Family has never stopped growing, directing all its investments in acquiring new lands with strong wine growing ties in the Venetian areas.The cru known as  La Groletta, Conca d’Oro, and Cà Florian are just a few examples of this ongoing quest for excellence, foundation for some of the most recognized and prized Amarone wines in the world. In addition to the Valpolicella Classica plots, the family ownership extends its boundaries all over the Lake Garda territory, in particular in the Doc Lugana, in the Doc Soave Classico area but also in 5 other Italian regions. The winery was founded in 1902 by Giacomo Battista Tommasi and is now in the fourth generation.

Every vineyard deserves a specific project.

This is how the Tommasi family interprets viticulture.Apart from the historic vineyards, where the training system used is the traditional pergola, the family has been one of the pioneers in Valpolicella area in introducing guyot with a high plant density in order to lower the yield and obtain excellent quality grapes. Ca’ Prunea is the newest hub totally dedicated to the Appassimento (drying process ) which allows a natural air flow and limit the use of technology.In the historic cellar there is still the drying loft with the antique arele trays used to dry the grapes for the production of both cru Cà Florian and De Buris. The Tommasi Amarone is considered by the critics as a very precise and unmistakable style, unique, typical of its terroir, elegant and traditional.