Tenuta Sant'Antonio

Armando, Tiziano, Paolo and Massimo Castagnedi are four brothers who all inherited from their father an immense passion: vines. All are involved in the family business, in all aspects of the running of the winery. In 1989 the brothers made the courageous decision to buy Tenuta Monti Garbi, more than 50 cultivated hectares in an extraordinary natural context, between the gentle valleys of Mezzane and Illasi, it is one of the most technological wineries of the Valpolicella.

Great care for the environment. 

For years, the principle goal of the Castegnedi family has been to move towards a more natural production process, using all the innovative developments available on the market for both vineyards and cellar. This choice has pushed the winery to produce wines without additives sustaining the Tèlos project in three versions: white, red and Amarone. All this stems from great care of the vines: organic fertilization has been replaced by plant compost, complete grass cover is encouraged and sexual confusion techniques are used for pest control. In the cellar, only selected yeasts obtained from their own grapes are used, temperature monitoring is constant and nitrogen is used at all stages of production as an anti-oxidant. Moreover, all the wines are maintained in suspension by mixers located at the bottom of the stainless steel vats.

Amarone della Valpolicella